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Special Order Deposit

Special Order Deposit
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This is for Custom Designs and Special Orders. Design your own ring by combining an eye-catching setting with your choice of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. You can either select your ring setting first, or choose your setting after you've selected your diamonds or gemstones.
8.5mm 4 prong Double wire
10 x 8 Emerald Cut and Trillion Cut Mounting
12 x 10 Emerald Cut Earring Setting
1.00 carat 4 Prong White gold Solitaire
3mm Round Almandine Garnet
10x8 Emerald cut Ring Mounting
.13 carat High 4 Prong Setting with Peg
8mm Cushion cut Ring Mounting
3 Stone Ring 3D Cad Designs