5.0mm Round Ring Setting
SKU: A1108
5.0mm Round Stone
6.5mm ANGEL DESIGN Ring Setting
SKU: A1109
Angel Design
9mm Round Ring Mounting
SKU: A1111
Heavy 12.56 Grams
6.5mm Split Top Ring Setting
SKU: A1115
10mm Round Gemstone Setting
SKU: A1117
Faceted Round
12mm Round Gemstone Setting
SKU: A1118
Faceted Round
14mm Round Gemstone Setting
SKU: A1119
Faceted Round
8mm Round Scroll Ring Setting
SKU: A1120
Scroll Designs
5.5mm 3 Stone Ring
SKU: A1202
Past Present and Future
6.5m Round & Baguette Engagement Ring Mounting
SKU: A1203
Classic Engagement
3mm Round curves ring setting
SKU: A1209
All Curves
4.5mm and 6 side stone ring setting
SKU: A1210
Good weight
4.0mm Past Present and Future Ring Mounting
SKU: A1217
Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
5 stone Heart Shape Setting
SKU: A1219
Heart Design Ring Setting
6mm Decorative Ring Setting
SKU: A1221
Looks Great in Rose or White gold
5.5 Center Round Ring Mounting
SKU: A1222
4 Stone Cluster
3.0mm 5 stone Truffle
SKU: A1223
Truffle Design
4.0 mm Round Five Stone Trellis Ring Setting
SKU: A1225
Stylish Design
3 Stone Trellis Design Ring Mounting
SKU: A1226
4 Carats Trellis
Journey Ring Setting
SKU: A1227
Nice match for pendant
3.5 mm Round Five Stone Trellis Ring Setting
SKU: A1230
Stylish Design
5.0mm Bold Fancy Split Ring Jewelry Mounting
SKU: A1310
Very Heavy Ring
12mm Round Prince Baguette Ring Mounting
SKU: A1311
Large Stone
6.5mm Unique Design Jewelry Ring setting
SKU: A1603
"U" Design
6.5mm Round Scroll Designs Mounting
SKU: A1610
6.6 grams Heavy Setting
5.5mm Bezel Ring Setting
SKU: A1611
Heavy Setting
4.0mm Rose Design
SKU: A1613
Heavy Setting 4.7 grams
6.5mm Heavy & Wide Band
SKU: A1614
Wide Band
5.5mm Round half Bezel
SKU: A1617
Bezel Look
3.5mm 5 Stone Anniversary Ring Setting
SKU: A1715
No Prongs
5.5mm Round U Design Settings
SKU: A1753
Unique Design
2.5mm Right Hand setting
SKU: A1755
5 stone Bezel set design
5.5mm Bezel Byzantine Ring Mounting
SKU: A1802
Heavy & Wide
2.5mm 5 Stone Heart Design ring setting
SKU: A9202
5 stone
6.5mm Floral Design Ring Mounting
SKU: E1005

Perfect for just a single stone

6.5mm Trellis Solitaire Ring
SKU: E1103
Double Prongs
8.2mm Round Trellis Ring setting
SKU: E1105
Supremely affordable