3.5mm Antique Filigree ring mounting
SKU: A1116
French Filigree Design
5.5mm Vintage look Ring mounting
SKU: A11281
Antique Inspired
8mm Antique Engagement Ring Mountings
SKU: A11301
Antique Engagement
6mm Decorative Ring Setting
SKU: A1221
Looks Great in Rose or White gold
5.0mm Round Antique Filigree with Diamonds
SKU: A1224
Antique Designs with Diamonds
6.5mm Round Antigue Style Ring Mounitng
SKU: A12341
Available with Diamond
6.5mm Round Vintage Style Ring Setting
SKU: A12441
Vintage 6.5mm
5.5mm Bezel Byzantine Ring Mounting
SKU: A1802
Heavy & Wide
14 x 12 Oval Filgree Gemstone Ring Mounting
SKU: A2119
Filigree design
16 x 13 Oval Scroll Design Ring Mountings
SKU: A2120
4.3 grams
7 x 5 Oval Decorative Shank
SKU: A2123
Antique style Oval setting
9 x 7 Oval Filigree Ring setting
SKU: A2130
Antique Filigree Design
15x12 Oval Engraved shank Setting
SKU: A2134
Detail Engraving
24 x 18 Oval Scroll Design Ring Mountings
SKU: A2135

Heavy 7.7 grams

8x6 oval Antique Style Gold Ring
SKU: A22251
Extraordinary classic
9x7 Oval Ring Mounting
SKU: A2401
Understated in elegance
7 x 5 Oval Filigree Ring mounting
SKU: A2501
Extraordinary classic
10 x 8 Emerald Cut Antique Style setting
SKU: A5112
Classic design
10x8 Emerald Cut Scroll Ring Mounting
SKU: A5115
Scroll Design
11x9 Emerald cut Setting
SKU: A5117

Wire Scroll Design

10 x 8 Emerald Antique Style Ring Mounting
SKU: A8201
Nice large look on the finger
6.5mm Round Engraved Shank Ring Setting
SKU: E1002
Engraved Shank
5mm Round and Baguette Ring Mounting
SKU: E1303
Decorative design
4.5mm Three stone Engraved Shank
SKU: E1304
Past, Present and Future
4.0mm Antique 3 Stone Ring Setting
SKU: E1504
Past-Present-Future Ring
6.0 mm Decorative Design Ring Mounting
SKU: E1601
Antique Design, Heavy Setting
4.8mm Asscher Octagon Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: E72061
French style
5.5mm Asscher Halo Engagement Ring
SKU: E72081
Halo Design
4.5mm wide Engraved Shank Ring Mounting
SKU: R0091
3.8 grams